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More than Web Hosting

Adapt to Traffic Spikes

Traffic surge is no longer an issue on our platform. Our WordPress hosting is build on the Cloud allowing you to upgrade your CPU / RAM as per your requirement with just a simple click.

WordPress Hosting with Managed Services

Our every WordPress hosting plan includes well managed services which makes you worryfree and allow you focus on your business while leaving the technical details on our professional staff.

Free Data Migration

Transferring your cPanel Hosting to our Cloud Hosting Services has never been easier. Our staff is available 24/7 to provide you with all the information you need regarding Hosting Migration.

Cloud Simplified

Our shared wordpress hosting and the the sheer power of Cloud is perfect combination which ensures 100% power with no complications.

Automated Backups and Security

Our WordPress Hosting package is provided with a Security Suite that comes with SiteLock’s Malware Scan and removal and CodeGuard’s daily, automated cloud backup service which acts as a shield against any sort of threat.

Automatic WordPress Updates

We provide you with hassle free services. To ensure your security and peace of mind, our WordPress hosting packages are automatically updated with the latest version of WP Core.

Upgradable CPU/RAM

Our WordPress Hosting services allows you to monitor your resource usage and giving full control over it. In case of need you can simply upgrade your CPU & RAM with a single click upto the capacity of 8 Cores/ 8 GB per order.

WordPress Hosting with solid infrastructure

Our WordPress hosting is built on our well-tested Cloud Hosting architecture ensuring an incredible foundation to each WordPress Hosting package. Your data is mirrored with 2 copies stored to save you from loss of data in case of hardware failure.

WordPress Technical Specifications

Core Software

  • GIT Support
  • WP-CLI Support
  • Latest version of WordPress
  • Jetpack plugin pre-installed


  • MySql Server
  • WP Database Optimized
  • Database backup with Codeguard
  • 1-click restore with Codeguard

Optimizations & Add-ons

  • Upgradable CPU
  • Upgradable RAM
  • Integrated CDN
  • Automated WP Core updates


  • DDoS Protection
  • Antivirus - Clam AV
  • Codeguard Backup
  • Malware Scan & Removal


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Through WordPress Hosting, your WordPress blogs / website are provided with the highly optimized environment to ensure maximum performance and security. Regular web hosting can also host your WordPress websites, but with our purpose built dedicated WordPress Hosting delivers the best for your WordPress websites thanks to our architects who have fine-tuned the databases, densities and CDN.

If your website has performance issues and receives medium-to-high traffic then our WordPress hosting on Cloud must be considered, because it gives you a rock-solid foundation to support high traffic on your website or blog. As soon as you will shift to our WordPress Hosting, you will see a clear improvement in the performance of your website which also includes the page load time. Your WordPress core is undated automatically to provide you with a secure and hassle-free hosting experience.

Yes, all core WordPress updates for your WordPress blogs and websites are automatically installed by our WordPress Hosting.

Your websites and databases are monitored on regular intervals by Codeguard, which is a automatic website and database backup. You are directly notified in case of any change detected, and restoring your website & databases to previous/older version is possible through Codeguard.

Every aspect of your website presence is checked by SiteLock to identify threats in the security of your website. SiteLock identifies and fixes everything automatically, frem files on your webserver to spam filters to emails and search engine blacklists. SiteLock works to protect your website.

Number of CPU cores and RAM can be upgraded in your hosting plan from the WordPress Hosting panel, with a max limit of 8 Cores and 8 GB RAM. We offer you free WordPress migration tools to shift to a higher plan.

For adding more websites, migrating to a new WordPress Hosting plan will be required.

Unfortunately, we do not offer money-back period on WordPress Hosting plan. Cloud Hosting can be used to avail money-back guarantee, you can simply use the one-click WordPress installation.

Our WordPress Hosting Plans does not include WordPress Multisite support. If you need to install multiple WordPress websites, you can choose from 3 of the 4 WordPress Hosting plans above which will let you have separate WordPress instances for each website.

None of the WordPress Hosting Plans includes cPanel access.

WordPress Hosting plans currently does not include SSL certificate, however, it can be purchased separately.

Use of existing SSL certificate is not possible because generating a CSR is required by WordPress Hosting panel, as a result of which there is certificate issued that can be installed from the panel.

Yes, by installing the cPanel you can avail email function. You will be granted access to webmail through different interfaces and you can also opt for G Suite or our Business Email solution in case you require comprehensive email suite with chat and collaboration tools.

Yes, plugins can be installed on your WordPress Hosting order. Some performance enhancing plugins such as JetPack are included by default.